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  • SPE BEF 275 Petrol Hard Surface Floor Planing Scarifier Machine

    £1,170.00 Inclusive of VAT

    Condition Grade B – see our equipment grading page for further details.

    £975 + VAT

    The heavy duty BEF 275 from SPE is a multiplane scarifying machine used for the preparation of concrete floor surfaces; but also seen in use on removing paint, rust, grease, ice deposits, line markings, concrete laitance, chipping removal, grooving and removal of water proof membranes from bridge or car park decks. The variable depth control operated by wheel motion at the controls allows for precision across the worked surface whilst maintain a maximum cutter life. The unique design of the cutter drum features six shafts with heavy duty cutters ideal for both preparation and heavy duty planning work. The reliable petrol engine provides more than adequate power for cutting on a downward motion style where some of the cutting energy us used to propel the machine forward.

    Price includes VAT at the prevailing rate. £975 + VAT