Battery Bank S10400 230V 11 Compartment Socket Charging Locker Unit

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The S10400 from Battery Bank is the ideal addition to any workplace or site for providing secure charging lockers for power tool batteries, mobile phones or battery operated work equipment. Each locker features a coin operated (new £1 coins accepted) locking mechanism and yale key and within each compartment features 1x RCD protected switched 13amp double socket outlet. The main locker unit power is provided by standard domestic 3 pin 230v plug back to dedicated circuit breaker, with 2 ports to allow cable to be fed either left or right of the unit.

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Technical specification details:

Weight: 63kg

Brand: Birchwood Battery Bank

Number of Lockers: 10 user and 1 power management.

Current: 13amps

Input Voltage: 230v

Charging Locker Dimensions: 270mm(h) x 200mm(w) x 280mm(dia)

Management Locker Dimension: 270mm(h) x 420mm(w) x 280mm(dia)

Overall Dimensions: 1877mm(h) x 455mm(w) x 275mm(dia)

Serial No: A727928

SKU: 696