Belle Pro 600X Petrol 600mm Power Float Trowel

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Condition Grade B – see our equipment grading page for further details.

The Pro 600X is the smaller offering of concrete power float trowels by Altrad Belle, with a trowelling diameter of 600mm. Fitted with the 4 steel fan finishing blades that are adjusted using the hand adjustment for pitch control; ideal for working small areas up to walls and doorways etc. The petrol Honda GX120 engine offers extended use without any trailing cable hazards found with electric versions.The Belle Pro 600X consists of a frame onto which are mounted a petrol engine, a fuel tank, a gearbox, and a control handle. A set of four metal blades is connected to the gearbox and is surrounded by a ring guard. The engine rotates the blades through the gearbox and clutch mechanism. The rotating blades ride on the surface of curing concrete, creating a smooth finish. The operator walks behind the machine and uses the handle to control speed and direction of the machine.

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Pro 600X User Manual

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Weight: 53kg

Troweling Diameter: 600mm

Pitch Range: 0 – 30 degrees

Rotor Speed: 50/115 rpm

Quantity Of Blades: 4

Engine: Honda GX120

Fuel Type: Unleaded

Start Up: Rip Chord/Recoil

Noise Level: 104 dB(A)

Dimensions: 600mm(w) x 930mm(h) x 1500mm(l)

Serial No: MT01093820