Electric Automatic Start Stop Cold Water Booster Pump Set 110v

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Condition Grade A – see our equipment grading page for further details.

The on demand pump is a combination set comprising Pentax pump and Water Tech controller head allowing for automatic pumping of water when connected with inlet outlet feeds. The Watertech Presscontrol Up hydraulic electric device controls and protects the pump set with automatic restart in case of failure and anti jamming function. Powered by 110v 16amp commando plug, the controller starts and stops the pump depending on opening or closing of the outlet point. The presscontrol up is a maintenance free device that doesn’t need expansion tanks, check valves or filters to operate. The Pentax pump delivers up to 35 litres per minute of water, with a head loss of 15 metres; or at 5 litres per minute a head loss of 43 metres.

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General Specification:

Weight: Circa 8kg

Inlet Pipe Connection: 1 1/4“ Female BSP at Pump

Outlet Pipe Connection: 1 1/4” Male BSP at Controller

Maximum Water Temperature: 50 degrees C

Maximum Operating Pressure: 12bar

Minimum Flow: 1 l/min on WT controller; 5 l/min on Pentax pump

Maximum Current: 10amp

Power Supply: 110v 16amp commando plug

Serial No: A752766

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