Hi-Force HEP2 Series Electronically Driven Hydraulic Pressure Pump

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The HEP207211 (HES2) series from Hi-Force is a two stage electronically driven, by 110v power supply, hydraulic pump set offering a low pressure flow rate of 427.17 inch3/min with automatic changeover to high pressure flow rate of 39.67 inch3/min up to 10000 psi. Fitted with an externally adjustable pressure relief valve for easy adjustment up to the maximum working pressure. Hydraulic oil tank capacity at 2.64 gallons and fitted with a ECHTOP 1.541TCCB35 110v motor rated at 1.5kW, IP55 protection and 800 uF capacitor. The HEP2 series is designed to operate high pressure hydraulic cylinders and tools with a maximum working pressure of 700 bar.

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HEP2 Series Technical Guide

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Weight (dry): 53kg

Model: HEP207211

Valve Type: 2 way

Maximum Flow Rate (in3/min): 1st stage @ 427.17; 2nd stage @ 39.67

Fluid Type: Hydraulic

Tank Capacity: 2.64 gallons

Power Supply: 110v commando plug

Serial No: BD7639

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