Hilta 90YE Drysite D5 Diesel 3” (3 Inch) Diaphragm Water Flood Pump

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The 90YE Drysite D5 by Morris Hilta is a very capable and heavy duty water pump capable of extracting up to 378 litres per minute, including reducing blockages by allowing solid matter intake of up to 40mm in diameter. The Drysite D5 is a 3” diaphragm pump meaning there is no damage caused by dry running during period of unattended use or movement without turning the pump off. Mounted on a twin rubber wheeled steel chassis with grip handle at the front allows great portability along with a variable throttle lever for adjusting extraction rates.

The removeable fibreglass cover allows for quick and easy inspection of the diaphragm rubber condition and drive shaft, when the machine is turned off. With a maximum suction lift of 7 metres when connected with appropriate intake/outlet hoses.  Fitted with the Yanmar diesel engine with electric ignition and pull chord secondary start, the Dryise D5 is a very capable pump ideal for displacing water logging, flood water or improving site safety conditions.

Includes 6 metres of new suction hose and 20 metres of new lay flat outlet hose, including Bauer type quick couplings.

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Weight: 165kg

Year: 2014

Model: Morris Hilta 90YE Drysite D5

Engine: Yanmar

Fuel Type: Diesel

Fuel Capacity: 5.5 litres

Engine Start: Electric Ignition with Rip Chord/Recoil secondary

Pipe Connection Size: 3” Bauer type couplings

Max Output: 378 litres per minute (5,000 gallons per hour) flow rate

Maximum Suction Lift:  7 metres

Total Head: 20 metres

Max Solids: 40mm

Dimensions: 1150mm(l) x 600mm(w) x 850mm(h)

Serial No: 1077

SKU: 2635