Kratos FA6000100 Tripod Pulley Rescue System With Winch And Fall Arrest

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The FA600010 from Kratos Safety is a tripod designed on the basis of confined space entry and rescue systems giving a strong, stable and portable anchorage point for fall arrest and recovery systems. One worker can carry and erect the sturdy but lightweight at 14.3kg aluminium alloy tripod, with each leg featuring adjustments to obtain the ultimate stability.

Comes complete with:

Kratos Safety FA6000300 134kg rescue winch mounted to frame leg with foldable winch handle, steel rope, forward reverse ratchet winder and karabiner clip. Ideal for handling. Material lifts.

Kratos Safety FA20 400 06 fall arrest bock with up to 6 metres of retractable galvanised 4.5mm steel rope. Minimum breaking strength of 12KN and karabiner clip at head mounted on swivel snap hook.

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General Specification:


Weight: 14.3kg

Manufacturer: Kratos Safety

Model: FA6000100

Attachment Points: 2 overhead pulleys and 2 fixed eyebolt

Safe Working Load: 200kg materials

Serial No: A767375

SKU: 1268


Fall Arrest Winch 

Manufacturer: Kratos Safety

Model: FA6000300

Rope Style: Galvanised Steel Wire

Rope Length: Unknown

Serial No: A767375

SKU: 1268


Fall Arrest Retractable

Manufacturer: Kratos Safety

Model: FA 20 400 06

Rope Style: Galvanised Steel Wire

Rope Length: up to 6 metres

Serial No: A1090618

SKU: 1285