Mace Shifta 4.4m (4.4 metre) 300mm Wide 150kg Payload Conveyor 110v

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The Shifta from Mace Industries is a popular electric operated conveyor for displacing rubble, aggregates, soil and excavation debris. It can be used by one operator for a maximum 150kg payload up to an incline of 45-50 degrees. The 110v socket point allows for additional Shifta to be connected and powered up to increase conveyor distance. The use of a 5Kva transformer will allow for four machines to be powered at one from a single 110v power source. This is a 4.4 metre long model with a 300mm conveyor width, including a 560mm height from the ground when wheels retracted.

Brand new speed button, 110v power input socket, 3x idler rollers (inc axels) and wheel fitted. All operating functions such as forward/reverse/speed/emergency stop/power points/belt adjusters/brakes are fully functional.

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Technical specification details:

Weight: 116.5kg

Model: Mace Shifta 4.4 metre 300mm wide

Power Connection: 110v 16amp commando plug

Maximum Payload: 150kg

Running Speeds: 20 metres per minute (tortoise); 28 metres per minute (hare)

Serial No: 1048515-A697684

SKU: 877