Probst Stone Magnet Vacuum Lifting Device With 220kg WLL Suction Plate

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The Stone Magnet (model 52720002) from Probst is a cordless vacuum lifting device used for laying dense stone slabs, concrete elements and pipes etc. Features lifting eye for use with forklift or crane jib and two integrated handles for manoeuvring in to place. This is a 2015 year model and in full working condition.

Comes complete with Probst SMS SPS HP 220 85/16 powerful suction plate designed for use with the Probst Stone Magnet. Hi power suction allows this plate to deliver a carrying capacity of 220kg. Its oval shave dimensions are 850mm x 160mm. Plates can be quickly changed over for different load or lifting requirements.

Also comes with brand new Maypole MP7423 4A electric digital smart charger with 12v and 230v connection leads.

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Technical specification details:

Weight 35kg (Stone Magnet); 9kg (suction plate)

Make: Probst

Model: 52720002 (Stone Magnet); SM-SPS-HP-220-85/16 (suction plate)

Year: 2015

Load Carrying Capacity: 220kg WLL based on suction plate fitted. Stone Magnet capacity up to 400kg WLL

Serial No: 31510816-10-005-A675463 (Stone Magnet); 31311304-01-002/A628562 (suction plate)

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