Redband F24-4 Honda Petrol 24” 600mm Power Float Trowel

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The F24-4 from Redband UK is a compact yet high performing walk behind power float trowel with a trowelling diameter of 600mm. Fitted with the 4 steel fan finishing blades that are adjusted using the hand adjustment for pitch control; ideal for working small areas up to walls and doorways etc. The petrol Honda GX120 engine offers extended use without any trailing cable hazards found with electric versions. The F24-4 consists of a frame onto which are mounted a petrol engine, a fuel tank, a gearbox, and a control handle. A set of four metal blades is connected to the gearbox and is surrounded by a ring guard. The engine rotates the blades through the gearbox and clutch mechanism. The rotating blades ride on the surface of curing concrete, creating a smooth finish. The operator walks behind the machine and uses the handle to control speed and direction of the machine.

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Technical Specification

Weight: 57kg

Troweling Diameter: 600mm

Quantity Of Blades: 4

Engine: Honda GX120

Fuel Type: Unleaded

Start Up: Rip Chord/Recoil

Serial No: 24319

SKU: 228