Tsurumi HS3.75S 110v 3” (inch) Heavy Duty 0.3m3/min Submersible Pump

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The HS3.75S from Tsurumi Pumps is a high quality heavy duty 3” (inch) submersible pump ideal for use on construction, agricultural, civil engineering and flood remediation sites. Complete with 8 metres of cable flex and 6 metres of placement and retrieval rope the HS3 is capable of pumping 0.3m3 of water per minute; with a minimum head of 2 metres and a maximum of 18 metres. Power supplied by 110v 16amp commando connection. This model does not feature a float switch so powers straight up when connected to the power supply.

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General Specification:

Weight: 16.8kg

Model: HS3.75S

Power Supply: 110v 16amp

Power Cord Length: 8 metres

Placement Retrieval Rope Length: 6 metres

Displacement: 0.3m3/min or 310 litres/min

Head Displacement: 2 metres minimum; 18 metres maximum

Serial No: 01610/A842674

SKU: 1491